Thanks to Widactic the creation, the animation and the follow-up of your trainings and meetings will never have been so simple and fun

Created by trainers for training professions, Widactic is a perfect interactive platform for any type of company.

Training experts and corporate executives: can’t get enough of racking your brains to find ways to energize your training workshops? Do you dream of presenting collaborative meetings in a simple and fun way?

In training as well as in meetings, surprise your audience with interactive presentations, and get rid of any technical constraints that could complicate the success of your workshops.

Widactic, is as easy as pie!

No time wasted in long and tedious preparations. No documents to carry around or attendance sheets to sign

With Widactic the only thing to do: connect and start !

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We complicated our lives to make yours easier.

During a presentation, you must be 100% available for your group. No time or energy to waste with getting used to new hardware or plugging in a device.

A quick and intuitive

No training needed:
Everyone can use


A broad range of activities
which promote exchange and creativity

workshopsteam meetings…

have never been so interactive!

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My presentations
are always available

I can access my content easily
from my computer, my tablet

or my cell phone.

Requesting to turn off cell phones is no longer necessary


With Widactic, smartphones and tablets are no longer sources of distraction for your audience.

They become true allies in facilitating exchanges with participants.

Widactic, smartphones and tablets are no longer a distraction for your audience.

They become true allies to facilitate exchanges with the participants.

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The 70-20-10 model in training…
as in business.

What better way to achieve and even exceed one’s objectives than to exchange with other participants, even when the session is over?

Ideal for motivating learners in training, the Widactic solution is perfect for boosting creativity, facilitating speaking and making participants actors in each session.

Widactic, a tool for training… but not just that

Take advantage of the power of our tools and experience to boost your corporate meetings.

Find new arguments, validate the skills of your teams or stimulate your sales people? What ever the objective of your session, your participants actively participate through games, surveys, quizzes, and many other interactive activities which enrich each step of your exchanges.

Widactic, un siège assuré à l’Académie

The Widactic Academy brings together all the content to facilitate the creation of your modules and enrich your training courses or presentations: tests, exercises, models, tutorials, educational games…

Everything you need to enrich your next presentation can be found here!

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The Widactic Learners Network.
When it is over… it continues

Exchanging, sharing, innovating favorizes learning with our network dedicated to learners!

Need to assess pre-requisites before your next training? To make sure you assimilate information before a company meeting? The learners’ network powered by Widactic allows you to distribute tests, exercises and pedagogical content before each presentation.

Included in your subscription, the learners’ network remains active even afterwards: participants will be able to support or confront each other at any time.

Absolute protection of your data

Privacy and integrity guide every technology choice Widactic makes.

We guarantee to our users an unfailing confidentiality, as well as the maximum security of all their documents.

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Absolute protection of your data

Privacy and integrity guide every technological choice made by Widactic.

We guarantee our users unfailing confidentiality and maximum security for all their personal documents.

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An exceptional designer

We are fortunate to collaborate with the famous French designer Samuel Accoceberry on several stages in the creation of Widactic.

Our logo is just one example: his exceptional creativity has been used for another surprise in preparation… But you’ll have to wait until spring 2021 to find out more!

French production and protection of theenvironnement. We do not compromise with these values

At Widactic, respect for nature and humans is translated into a concrete approach on a daily basis.

An example ? Our solution is entirely developed in France, and we favor local partnerships.

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for training and communication in companies?

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