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Our Mission

Widactic’s ambition is to simplify the trainer’s work, encourage exchanges between session participants, and boost the transmission of knowledge..

Our 20 years of experience in the design of educational programs and the facilitation of training motivate our approach Widactic was born out of the desire to spare today’s trainers the technical and pedagogical limitations that we, a generation of overhead transparency users, have encountered in our careers.

It is only today that we can finally be thankful for the multiple constraints experienced in the past. Because, thanks to them, we had the idea of founding Widactic: an innovative pedagogical solution for corporate training and communication, but also a community of professionals always at your service.

Jean-Michel Campolmi

Privacy Ninja

As much as Jean-Michel loves exchanges (of knowledge, know-how, and even dessert), he prefers to remain cautious about what he discloses, and to whom he discloses it. This translates, among other things, into a strong reluctance to express oneself on social networks. But also, at work, the provision of tools that are so encrypted for his teams that any spy agency would envy him.

Professional advice: It’s simple, paying attention to the security of the data you back up at Widactic is not an option for Jean-Michel, it’s a moral commitment. For this reason, exchanges at Widactic take place in a closed circuit and the information stored is encrypted.

Ex-volunteer for the Ubuntu Party, an annual event to discover open source software

By attending one of these free meetings regularly organized all over France, you could have met Jean-Michel who, as a volunteer, was there to advise you which free software to choose, and help you install it.

The pro tip: As we often say in the geek and collaborative world of free software, “If you don’t know how to ask, if you know how to share”. For the success of a training or meeting, interaction and exchange should be encouraged. Jean-Michel is aware of this to the point of having developed an application based on these principles. And yes you’ve figured it out, it is about Widactic !

Clément Panard

Strong supporter of the individualization of training.

… to the point of making it his diploma subject to become a trainer. Clément is also President of the association of former apprentices of Ducretet (electronics apprenticeship training center).

Professional advice: you will have understood it, for Clément training is more than a job, it is a real passion. His new mission ? Accompany companies looking for a simple and fun way to run interactive and effective sessions!

Self-taught in the field of home automation and connected home since 2006

About fifteen years ago, home automation was beginning to make itself known and Clément was already seduced by it. Ask him questions about how he made the connected lighting in his house, but don’t worry about whether it will be Clement or his avatar to answer you.

Professional advice: the more complex a subject is to explain, the more Clément will be delighted to make his expertise as a trainer available to popularize it and make it understandable, even exciting.

Our values guide us

  • Respect for confidentiality and protection of private data
  • High repairability index
  • Continuous search for improvement
  • Favouring “Made in France” and local partners
  • Limit our impact on the environment by using bio-sourced or recycled materials

You can count on us

> We put our skills at your disposal to help you create your custom content.

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