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Nothing could be easier ! From your computer or your tablet, connect to your account in the app provided. The intuitive interface makes it easy to get started from the very first use. Then, create the content of your session, define the details (list of participants, possible co-facilitators…): your session can begin!

For those present, no need to download an application to participate. Simply “flash” the QR codes of the session via their own device: computer, tablet or even smartphone. At the end of each session, I analyze the data: participant feedback, evaluations, messages, questions… and much more!

Unlike other solutions, one does not exclude the other: with the same subscription, the Wicom solution can be used to boost both virtual and face-to-face meetings and training.

Of course! Wicom was designed by vocational training experts, but meets the needs of both trainers and corporate executives.

Effective brainstorming? A training session to present the latest version of your product to the sales team? The multiple animations offered in Wicom allow you to animate any type of workshop in a dynamic and fun way. The result? Collaborative meetings, in which everyone actively participates to achieve a single common goal: the success of your business. Can I use Wicom to facilitate a company meeting?

Yes, Wicom should be part of the toolbox of all freelancers, the most experienced as well as the beginners. Save time and take advantage of all the benefits of our solution: the simplicity of use, the multiple activities to create dynamic sessions in a few clicks, the Widactic Academy to be accompanied in all your pedagogical projects.


Wicom is based on the 70-20-10 learning model, according to which practice and social interactions with colleagues and peers are very important in order to assimilate theoretical concepts. That’s why Wicom allows participants to interact before, during and even after the session. How? Through groups of learners, created with the help of the facilitator based on criteria such as the size of the group, the level of the members, their objectives…


Yes, if you share your share your session with another trainer, it is absolutely possible to give him access to your session. This will make you more agile because you will have both before, during and even after the training. It is possible to add additional accounts at a cost of 25€ excl.VAT each.

Widactic works with the French hosting provider Scaleway, which relies on 4 independent datacenters located in France and one datacenter located in the Netherlands. All your data, therefore, is encrypted and stored on their secure servers in France or Europe, and regular backups are made every day. Want to know more? We invite you to consult the document :


Yes, Widactic is perfectly adapted to pedagogy in schools. Contact us for school rates, or visit the “Widactic and Education” page for more information. [URL]

Not at all! With WidacticA simple click on your workshop link is all it takes to start interacting!