A training session? A corporate meeting? Energize your sessions with Widactic, the simple solution for interactive and effective animations.

Reinvent your trainings, animate collaborative meetings, thanks to Widactic.

Widactic’s remote or augmented face-to-face activities help you create real-life scenarios. Participants discover the pleasure of learning, interacting and collaborating.

It’s easy to deploy and fun. Proof that training differently is now possible!

How does it work?

1. I create the content for my next session online in my data-secured space.

2. I choose my list of participants, my trainers, etc.

1. I synchronize the contents on my Wicom box in one click.

2. On D-day, I only have to plug in my box to access my content, create my local network, and start my session.

3. At the end of each session, I analyze the data: participant feedback, evaluations, messages, questions…

1. I create the content for my next session online in my data-secured space.

2. I choose my list of participants, my trainers, etc.

3. On D-day, I only have to connect to access my contents and start my session.,

4. At the end of each session, I analyse my data : participant feedback, evaluations, messages, questions, etc.

A powerful tool for your training sessions

Develop your creativity, your productivity, and your participants’ involvement. Widactic integrates numerous activities and functionalities for your presentations.

Beyond the functionalities related to the creation of your content, the Widactic application also integrates :

  • The organization of groups of participants

    The trainer freely composes the work groups according to the critiria that he/she will have defined in advance. (group size, appointment or not of a spokesperson…) or during the animation. The application then constitutes the working groups, taking care with each workshop change to create new collaborations.

  • Attendance sheet management

    Less administration means more time to focus on the essential: your animations. With the help of virtual time sheets, participants can identify themselves and validate their presence at the beginning of each session.

  • The administration of your account

    Widactic knows the challenges of trainers. That’s why, with Widactic, we’ve done everything to facilitate every aspect of your work: training deployment, account management, subscriptions, groups, payments, access authorizations… and much more!

Widactic has set up a Big Bounty program by surrounding itself with the skills of YES WE HACK, the first European Big Bounty platform.

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Go to your sessions empty-handed!

As we know, while training, the trainer must be 100% available for his/her group: no time or energy can be wasted with handling new hardware to plug in a device.

How does it work?

Connect your monitor to the HDMI port, your sound system to the 3.5 mm jack output, and that's it! Prefer to go wireless? That works too*.

Once your training is completed, synchronize your box via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to retrieve all the data related to it.

(*) Coming soon.

Your data in complete security

The Internet connection is the sensitive point of any digital solution, especially in nomadic situations.

Widactic assures you a reliable connection and secure exchanges.

During the animation, Widactic offers a higher level of security against intrusions, because all exchanges are secured.

The synchronizations of your sessions on your Wicloud account and the storage of data are encrypted: no information circulates in clear text on the network, the connection passwords are known only to you.

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Widactic has set up a Bug Bounty program by surrounding itself with the skills of one of the largest European Bug Bounty platform.

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